How to Save
a Whale

Nia Joseph's beautifully illustrated children's book brings
ocean pollution to the forefront


Four Steps to
Save a Whale


Yes, my child is between 3-14 years

How To Save
a Whale

by Nia Joseph

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During the annual Vallam Kali (Snake Boat Race), Kuttappan and his sister practice for the race out in the Arabian Sea, making friend with the shelled and tailed creatures of all shapes and sizes.
So it’s no wonder that it is the two of them who are summoned when Neelam the Whale is in trouble……..
On a wet, windy day, I heard a pitter, a patter
Not rain but the sound of a serious matter.
"Kuttappannn, KUTTAPPANNNNN!" cried voices at our door
"You must come soon, or Neelam will be no more."
Join this brother-sister duo, on an epic adventure, as they save Neelam, win the race and clean our oceans.
‘How to Save a Whale’ is a beautifully illustrated story with a powerful message about plastic pollution.
Come! Dive in.


Customer stories

  • A delightful book with beautiful illustrations. Set in Kerala with the snake boat race as a backdrop, How to Save a Whale, subtly helps our children become eco warriors in the never ending race against plastic pollution. The message is universal and so important in today's world where we are inundated with plastic waste- especially in our water bodies.
    The water colour illustrations are immersive and breath-taking.
    Nia's writing has a lovely rhythm akin to Julia Donaldson's books. And I loved how the little girl becomes a strong heroine and helps her brother save the day. Both my kids ( aged 2 and 4 ) loved it.
    Pankhuri Agrawal
  • Beautifully written. Truly!
    Shwetha Chiramel
  • Thank you for writing this book and sharing it with us.
    Akansha, Tangled Seas
  • Every child must read this.
    Mukund Sanghi