The HOW TO SAVE A WHALE project is focused on the conservation of nature through everyday sustainability. We believe that for sustainable living to become the norm, we must focus on building awareness, create champions in every community, and provide easy, everyday solutions.

The How to Save a Whale book is a doorway for children to enter the world of conservation. Once familiarised with the environmental issues at hand, the children are invited to participate by joining the EARTH & I CLUB – a space for them to interact with naturalists, marine biologists, nature artists, environmental activists and more. Through individual and community projects the members of the EARTH & I CLUB will learn how to make better everyday choices, be more conscious about waste in the environment and eventually champion change.

At THE HOW TO SAVE A WHALE project, we believe that every one of us ( big, small and tiny) can incite change. And that every day is a brand new opportunity to do so.